Linda James MBE


Born in Hampshire, Linda moved to Wales as a small child when her Father left the Armed Forces. Growing up, her school years were blighted by bullying and as a result, she left before sitting any formal exams, ending her dreams of becoming a nurse in the Navy. Bullying had a negative impact on Linda’s life for many years (including an eating disorder and suicide attempt) and years later, when her youngest son was bullied, Linda saw there were little anti bullying resources and took decisive action setting up BulliesOut.

Over the years, Linda has worked tirelessly growing BulliesOut into the successful, award winning charity it is today. BulliesOut write and develop interactive and creative workshops, training programmes and youth engagement programmes – all aimed at challenging and changing attitudes and behaviours, mentoring and confidence building, increasing awareness, skills and self-esteem and inspiring change. In 2019, they worked with over 7500 children and young people.

As a result of her eating disorder, Linda began to suffer from osteoarthritis at an early age and three years ago, was diagnosed with osteoporosis, resulting in having had three of her joints replaced (two hips, one knee), yet it is her passion for what she does that keeps her going. Bullying destroys so many lives and many of these young people have reached breaking point and if it wasn’t for BulliesOut and their mentors, the outcome for them could be very different.

In 2014, Linda was awarded an MBE for her work.

Category: Education
Location: Cardiff